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Paid Graduate / Internship Programme

Centurion, South Africa

Job Type

Full Time (50/50 Office & Remote Work)

About the Role

Intrade has welcomed graduates for the last 7 years. Some of our interns have remained within the business while many have moved on to successful new careers. We believe that any work, even for newbies is worth paying for. Our interns receive a par salary with the starting junior members of our team.

We welcome graduates of businesses analysis, data development and Analytics faculties to our team where they are given training and exposure to our platforms and rare data sets gathered from informal market research projects including many use cases spanning 20+ African Countries.

There is a lot to do, we all work hard at Intrade. Anyone with the ambition and determination to succeed in this space will grow tremendously with us.



0 years

Graduate Degree or Advanced Diploma

NQF Level 4 or better Qualification (MCSD, MCSE, Business Analysis)

Learning happens on the job ( At a nice fast pace! )

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